The Tale of Glacier Lily

In a land of long winters there lives a girl named Glacier Lily.  She’s a very strange girl who lives atop a snowy mountain most of the year.  She only comes down to a small village below when the mountain snow melts every spring.

The melted snow forms a stream of spring water that flows to the bottom of the mountain reaching the syrup trees.  The syrup trees are nurtured with loving care by the whole village.  The trees absorb the nutritious spring water throughout their bodies and transform it, little by little, into a sweet sap.  The villagers collect this sap and boil it slowly in a large iron pot transforming it into sweet syrup.

Glacier Lily No one knows Glacier Lily’s true name or where she came from.  She only visits the village for a short time each year. 
At the same time as her visits a small flower, the Glacier Lily, covers the spring meadows.  The flower is only in bloom for a short time each year while the streams of melted snow come down from the mountain.  This is why the villagers started calling her Glacier Lily.


As soon as the villagers finish making their sweet syrup it is poured into large wooden barrels for storage.  As a gift for Glacier Lily they leave a previous year’s Christmas ornament attached to each barrel.  During the night Glacier carefully sneaks in, and with a happy look on her face, picks up all the used Ornaments.  She brings with her a small, soft looking suede bottle.  From her bottle she mixes a drop of her secret essence into each syrup barrel. 

As quick as a wink the syrup color turns a beautiful glowing amber and the flavor becomes sweeter and very tasty.